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As the only Sexual Assault Centre in New Brunswick, the Fredericton Sexual Assault Centre works provincially to help other New Brunswick communities to enhance and establish sexual assault services.

In 2005, FSAC entered into a partnership with the Women’s Equality Branch to establish the Provincial Strategy on Sexual Assault Services.

The Provincial Strategy on Sexual Assault Services is a partnership between an Advisory Committee and FSAC. The PSSAS Advisory Committee includes representatives from across the province, from a variety of disciplines. The PSSAS Advisory Committee works closely with FSAC to identify priorities, share resources and help to direct the work of the Provincial Strategy.

Based on a vision of collaboration, resource sharing, survivor-centered solutions and community-based approaches, our staff work with established net-works and community partners to enhance, expand, create, and coordinate community based sexual assault services in New Brunswick.

Our provincial work uses a grassroots approach in order to reflect community needs, and better implement community responses. The work of the Provincial Strategy is always influenced by the needs of community members in all areas of the province and is informed and guided by the Provincial Advisory Committee. The Provincial Strategy in proactive in getting feedback, input, and contributions from community members in a wide variety of disciplines, and is inclusive of Francophone, Anglophone, and Aboriginal populations.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

SAAM is a month dedicated to raising awareness of sexual violence to all members of our communities, and to highlight the need for support and services to those affected by sexual assault.

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A number of tools and resources have been developed to support community networks in developing or enhancing their awareness, service delivery and prevention activities.

Please be aware that many of these resources refer to and  These websites are no longer owned or managed by FSAC.

community based support services

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